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SEE the story behind Michelle Loughery’s Bold Murals & Artwork follow the links.
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World-renowned, award winning artist and master muralist Michelle Loughery’s work stretches from massive community murals, large scale portraiture, to evocative contemporary encaustic studio work. More than three decades ago, Loughery’s art legacy monuments pioneered youth employment and public art mentor programming globally. Known for her work in social community art, her work is inspired by her passion for environmental and social justice issues and her desire to create mural and installation art that is meaningful, relevant and engages the community through her WAYFiNDER ART ™ Creative Community model.  Loughery's mural projects have raised millions for communities through her innovative Wayfinder ART program.  read more 

Loughery is recognized for her large-scale murals and installations that often reflect the cultural heritage and values of the communities where they are located. Her work often features bright colors, bold lines, and powerful imagery that draws attention to important social and environmental issues. Michelle’s work has been featured in a number of public spaces across the globe and she is considered to be a leading figure in the Canadian public and contemporary art scene.


Michelle Loughery is an innovative and pioneering artist renowned for her groundbreaking work in the realm of public, digital and environmental art. With a career spanning decades, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional artistic expression, exploring the convergence of physical and digital mediums.

Loughery's signature Wayfinder Engagement Installations have left an indelible mark on the art world. Through her visionary use of augmented and virtual reality, she has transformed public mural spaces into dynamic, interactive storytelling platforms, democratizing art and fostering a sense of community.

In gallery settings, Loughery's contributions have redefined the art experience. Her installations blend physical and digital elements, allowing viewers to become co-creators of the artwork, thus challenging conventional notions of passive observation.

Michelle Loughery's work continues to influence and inspire artists, reshaping the landscape of digital and environmental art. Her innovative approach leaves a lasting impact, illuminating new possibilities in the ever-evolving world of art.  read more

Murals of note Multicultural Mural, Vernon BC,  EPE sanctioned Mural of Elvis Presley, Tim McGraw Mural - mural showcased in international film, Sveva Caetani Mural, 9/11 mural commissioned by the Brooklyn Fire Department on photographic display in the Smithsonian Museum. Canada 150 - Environmental ART Project. Route 66 Mural City Mural Project Cuba MO USA, National Route 66, Heritage Murals, Vernon, BC, Country Music Hall of Fame Murals - Country Music Capital of Canada, Merritt, BC, Merritt Youth Mural Project Loughery Wayfinder Package , Route 66 Economic Impact Study. 

Experiencing the projects behind Michelle Loughery’s Bold Murals & Artwork.  Loughery's Wayfinder ART™ model and processes has raised millions of dollars for community revitalization and social change and changed thousands of lives for the better.






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BIG ART, BIG WALLS, BIG STORIES! When Walls Talk ... and they do!
.. inclusive, revealing and raw

A 30-year mural pioneer, Master Artist Michelle Loughery has created numerous award winning mural projects, raised millions for communities through her innovative Wayfinder art program. Loughery is bringing stories of the power of community art to the digital wall on her podcast AR:T ROUTE Radio.  Climb Loughery’s digital scaffolding Hear the ART and see the stories!

AR:T ROUTE Radio is an emerging canvas of immersive AR:T experience spots, art installations, mapped destination digital murals towns, with highlights of the hidden stories of Loughery’s and other artist’s work and the inspiring people you meet when painting on the streets. Conversations about community art, social change, and so much more.  Take listen to these episodes Wayfinder ART, National Route 66 and Ionic EPE Elvis Presley Mural!  subscribe to podcast for episode!


"Pieces of Her", the Women of Michel story dresses art installation and podcast experience. The exploration is a life tribute the the community work and unseen presence of women that have inspired Loughery in life and career. Loughery was born in the small coal town of Michel BC. Named after the town, Loughery explores the deep roots of the coal and natural environment that she is from.

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The Woment of Michel Pieces of Her.jpg
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“Mural art enhances the quality of life of a community by helping to define, and formulate responses to social, economic, cultural and social  issues faced by a community.  In its broadest definition, Public Art inspires community understanding, pride and creativity, and benefits the health and development of individual community life in a connected community culture. Community Art is the thread that ties a community together. ”   - Master Artist & Visionary Michelle Loughery.

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Artist Michelle Loughery Murals Sveva Caetani Mural Vernon BC


on AR:T ROUTE Radio.  

Loughery Takes it to the Wall and takes us on an extraordinary journey, the Ultimate digital road trip #destinationmuraltown.

Artist Michelle loughery The Women of Michel

Contemporary artworks and larger than life public art works of 



Engages, Empowers & Encourages 

 through her WAYFINDER AR:T projects.

Route 66 Mural City, Cuba MO Project 


Latest works 'Exposed Walls' learn more

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A dynamic fusion of digital and environmental art through the concept of Wayfinder Engagement Installations. These installations, pioneered by innovative artist Michelle Loughery, represent a transformative approach to art in both public mural, gallery settings and outdoor settings.


In public mural spaces, Wayfinder Engagement Installations leverage digital technologies like AR and VR to create interactive experiences. They invite a diverse audience to engage with murals, democratizing art and fostering community connections.


Within gallery spaces, these installations redefine traditional exhibitions by merging physical and digital elements. Michelle Loughery's contributions to this field exemplify how art can evolve and adapt in real-time, providing visitors with a personalized encounter.


Wayfinder Engagement Installations are significant for their potential to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, emphasizing audience participation and community building. As a result, they leave a lasting impact on the art world and society, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of digital and environmental art.

Navigating the Intersection of Digital and Environmental Art: Wayfinder Engagement Installations in Murals and Gallery Spaces


WAYFINDER ART Installations and Mural Art


Artist Michelle Loughery’s collaborated installations are dynamic convergence of digital and environmental art through the innovative concept of Wayfinder Engagement. In the contemporary art landscape, the boundaries between physical and digital spaces are increasingly blurred, offering artists new avenues for creative expression and audience engagement. Wayfinder Engagement Art Installations are within the context of both public murals and gallery spaces for over three decades.


Wayfinder Engagement Installations serve as interactive and immersive art experiences that leverage cutting-edge digital technologies, podcasts, including augmented reality (AR) and to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms. These installations invite viewers to embark on journeys of exploration and discovery, encouraging them to actively participate in the artistic narrative.


In public mural settings, Wayfinder Engagement Installations redefine the traditional notion of static street art. Through the use of QR codes, mobile apps, or the Wayfinder AR:T app, viewers can unlock hidden layers of meaning within murals, transforming static imagery into dynamic and evolving storytelling platforms. This approach democratizes art by inviting a broader and more diverse audience to engage with the artwork, fostering a sense of community and connection in public spaces.


In gallery settings, Wayfinder Engagement Installations extend the boundaries of traditional exhibitions. They provide artists with a dynamic canvas to experiment with immersive storytelling, allowing viewers to become co-creators of the art experience. By merging physical artworks with digital overlays, gallery spaces become dynamic environments where art evolves and adapts in real-time, offering visitors a deeper and more personalized encounter with the artwork.


Wayfinder Engagement Installations, have had transformative impact on audience engagement and the possibilities they open up for artists to explore new realms of creativity. By navigating the intersection of digital and environmental art, Wayfinder Engagement Installations pave the way for a more inclusive and interactive art landscape, where viewers are no longer passive observers but active participants in the artistic journey.

Loughery Projects and Strategies provide a sense of belief, purpose, and direction within her WAYFINDER projects and teams. Digital senior training programs, innovational senior connection programs. Wayfinder Senior story engagement podcast training. Loughery exudes passion for helping others and changing lives through art.

Inclusive Creative Culture Connects Humanity. Encourages everyone on their team to work toward their creative life goals. Leads by example — school, community and speaking events, group and individual wayfinder art coaching

WAYFINDER AR:TLife™ Success Plan or the AR:TLife Challenge.

Loughery showcases her fellow creative associates through her podcast AR:T Route RADIO the Artist Wayfinding Network and AR:T ROUTE BLUE travel itinerary social media sites. 

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AR:T ROUTE Radio  30-year mural pioneer and visionary WORLD RENOWNED  Master Artist Michelle Loughery has created award winning mural projects around the globe, raised millions for communities through her innovative WAYFINDER ARTworks program, while championing at risk youth and social change.Loughery is bringing stories of the power of community art to the digital wall. 


Her paint strokes tell stories hear the ART! .....see the Radio!  An emerging canvas of immersive curated WAYFINDER MURAL AR:T experience stories, art stops, art installations, and a mapped destination digital mural town road trip. CURATED highlights of the hidden art stories and inspiring people you meet when painting on the streets. Conversations about community art, social change, and so much more.   

Loughery showcases her fellow creative associates through her podcast AR:T Route RADIO the Artist Wayfinding Network and AR:T ROUTE BLUE travel itinerary social media sites. 

Loughery curates mural work internationally and the 2023 Heart of ART award is currently being showcased on ART ROUTE RADIO. Every year the highly anticipated WAYFINDER Heart of ART award is presented to one unique Associate ARTIST . If you know someone who demonstrates the qualities below, nominate them for this special voter’s choice award who will be recognized on all our social media pages!


The mixed media exhibition and digital portraits combines digital story telling, podcast engagement and fine contemporary art installations that engage the subject of each story and the viewer.  The origin of the work of MASTER ARTIST Loughery is based in the stories and art of the women of the erased coal-mining town of Michel, Natal & Middletown, British Columbia.

AR:T ROUTE Blue CURATED MURAL STORIES MAP & APP.    #DestinationMuralTown Iconic EPE Elvis Presley Mural, Iconic Tim McGraw Mural in Flim.  Route 66 Mural City Cuba MO. USA.  Loughery Takes it to the Wall! and takes us on an extraordinary journey, the Ultimate digital road trip #DestinationMuralTown.   #artrouteblue @artistmichelleloughery  #artrouteCanada #wayfinderart @wayfinderartroute @artrouteradio


SEE THE RADIO - See and experience Mural art through the lens of the muralists that created the modern masterpieces. HEAR THE ART!

"Mural art, installation art and digital story telling as a civil inclusive infrastructure, both socially and economically.  Connect and inspire people and communities through a community wayfinding art strategy.  Wayfinder AR:T in Action!" - Artist Michelle Loughery

The Wayfinder ART Sunflower Project - A curated and connection art and digital story project that invites the world to connect with sunflower planting challenge and public art creations of the image of the sunflower. Support seniors in learning digital skills while encouraging an inclusive community experience and sharing stories on our story platform.Community project packages available for purchase and consulting. See the art on


WAYFiNDER ART award winning Loughery has been influencing Public Art for decades and leading communities to support creative economy infrastructures, while providing social solutions and tourism legacies world wide. Her innovative Wayfinder Project - Community ART in action strategies, creative trade based employment training program is an award winning inclusive bridge for an art based alumni of life learners.


The Wayfinder AR:Ts Academy offers workshops and downloadable solutions and strategies for artists and communities looking for creative solutions to social economic infrastructure needs.  learn more here ...

The Wayfinder Sunflower Project logo

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"As beautiful as the Mural is, it doesn’t compare to the beautiful things it has done for the community. The Wayfinder Mural Project is a powerful tool. Michelle is going to make this community and the world a better place, through these kids and her work." JOHNNY REID Country Music Star.

“I believe Michelle’s work and murals help make local residents more aware of history and the murals become an economic asset because they draw tourist to the area. It gives credence to the past-if a community believes in its past, it will benefit in its future." - Peter Blundell Heritage BC

“I now have the confidence and
motivation to do everything I can
physically and mentally do. I am no longer lost and afraid but I feel I am found and ready to live.” – KIM mural crew participant

“This job taught me about teamwork, the mural crew became like family and
I learned how to become reliable and a
good team player.” – SHELLY mural crew participant

“I entered the Mural Project into a
world of social and emotional support,
an environment that encouraged and
supported my redevelopment, structured a proper social attitude, and drew me out from my shield of social separation.”
– SHANE mural crew participant

“We are getting rid of some of the old stereotypes by showing the residents of the area that youth can carry out a project, form start to finish, and make the world a more pleasant place while they are
doing it.”
– PHOEBE ARCHACHAN youth crew member 2008

"We acknowledge that we work and gather in the northern part of the unceded Okanagan First Nation territory and that many descendants of the Suqnaquinx still live here.”

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